About Us

Ripley Training was established at the beginning of 2006 to provide high quality accessible training and coaching to help individuals and teams to raise performance and confidence.

We provide a choice of UK wide scheduled dates, at your business or live online on all our courses and programmes. All training is tailored to your needs through discussion and pre-course questionnaires.

We recognise your time is very valuable so we always aim to exceed your expectations and minimise the impact on you and your organisation. With this in mind all of our courses and programmes can be delivered locally or online to you in shorter sessions, full day and multiple day programmes to meet your specific needs and expectations.

The depth of skill and experience in our team enables us to provide a seamless service from agreeing your specific training requirements, developing the training/coaching, delivery, through to evaluation and measuring the return on your investment.

We use a partnership approach with you to ensure we understand your requirements. We aim to understand your organisation and your people before we deliver the training/coaching. We will always select and introduce the trainer/coach with the most experience to add value.

Many of our long term clients request the same trainer/coach back every time to ensure there is a high level of consistency however we will always review every request to ensure you get the right expert to address your requirements.

We look forward to helping you to raise performance and to achieve your organisational objectives.

Our Mission Statement

Ripley Training aims to provide a service that is built on strong client relationships, exceeding expectations in customer service, the provision of highly skilled and experienced specialists, and the ability to be flexible, responsive to changing business requirements and provide an excellent experience to help you and your team achieve business aims and objectives.

Our Values

Our vision is to be the only choice for our clients when they need:

  • Experts and not generalists to grow and achieve greater success through their people
  • Effective Solutions delivered as a result of a strong appreciation of their needs by listening and working in partnership
  • Expectations exceeded and there are measurable returns on the investment
  • Higher levels of performance to achieve business objectives
  • Strong long term relationships
  • Higher levels of consistency and support