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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Development Programme (Three Days)

This comprehensive 3 day programme encourages participants to adopt a more pro-active mindset, with a clearer appreciation of the role of a manager and leader and its impact on their organisation. They will undertake a positive, honest assessment of their performance as a manager and a leader. Over the three days they will develop their skills f...

Effective Leadership and Management Course (Two Days)

This highly interactive two-day course helps to clarify the differences between management and leadership at a level that will readily transfer to workplace behaviour and immediately impact upon personal effectiveness and productivity of the business. Timings are 9 am to 4.30 pm each day Booking confirmations: We will email you to c...

First Line Management and Supervision Skills Course (One Day)

The role of the first line manager or a supervisor is arguably one of the most important tasks in any business. Achieving high levels of commitment and motivation from front line staff as well as meeting the needs of your customers and your managers at the same time is pivotal if the business is to achieve success. One Day Course - Timings a...

Chairing and Facilitating Management and Team Meetings Course (One Day)

Meetings happen in all organisations and have the potential to be one best uses of people's time however for most they are seen as a waste of time, source of frustration and something that gets in the way of real work. This one day course begins the process for participants to start to recognise their own preferences, and the impact it h...

Recruitment and Selection Skills Training Course (One day)

Recruiting the right people in the right numbers with the right skills at the right time is vital to the success of any business. This one day workshop will focus on cost effective and time efficient ways of ensuring that your recruitment and selection processes not only attract the best candidates to your business, but also comply with all the ...

Delegation, Coaching and Mentoring Skills Course (one day)

The day will enable you to be more confident in delegating more effectively so you can focus on your key performance objectives. You will also learn how to give timely coaching feedback and mentoring to maximise performance levels in your team.  In addition we will also look at how team members cope with change and how you can ensure th...

Employee Engagement and Communication Course (One Day)

This one-day course on employee engagement and communication will enable all levels of management to return back to the business and enhance all forms of contacts with their team.  Through higher levels of engagement and communication the business will be rewarded with higher levels of staff motivation, individual and team performance, incr...

Performance Appraisal and Objective Setting Skills Course (One Day)

The appraisal process should be constructive, meaningful and motivational for all those who are involved. However, this is often not the case! Line managers can see it as ‘that dreaded time of year' and the person being appraised can see it as ‘painful, de-motivating and just going through the motions.' This workshop will ena...

Effective Project Management Training Course (One Day)

This one day workshop enables delegates understand the role of project management, defining the Project, Setting Objectives, Scoping & Identifying Constraints. You will also learn how to plan a project including risk assessments and contingency planning, estimating time and costs, controlling and tracking the progress of projects. Timing...

Business Process Improvement and Process Mapping Workshop (Two Days In-company)

Organisations deliver benefits to their clients through processes, not through departments, and developing integrated and inefficient end-to-end processes is a key requirement of business success in the long term. Instead of allowing people to be locked into their specific functional, the process approach cuts across functions allowing multi...

Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Managers Course (One Day)

Coaching and mentoring are powerful, cost-effective tools for management and a proven way of transforming business performance. This highly inter-active and very practical one day course will help develop and strengthen both your coaching and your mentoring skills to enable you to become a more effective manager and to enhance workplace...

Problem Solving and Decision Making for Managers/Supervisors Course (One Day)

Problem Solving and Effective Decision making are vital skills for many employees and most certainly for managers and supervisors. Frequently a wrong decision is made due to lack of experience and skills and this can be very costly to the organisation. Or, as is often the case, a lack of confidence will result in no decision being made which is ...

Effective Delegation Skills Course (One Day In House)

This one-day course will help you to delegate with confidence and with clarity allowing you more time to focus on your key performance targets.  This practical course will help you break down the barriers stopping you from delegating including those jobs you enjoy doing and those you think it would be easier/quicker for you to do yourself. ...

Employment Law and People Management Skills Course (One day In-house)

The course will help you to be more effective in getting the right people, at the right time, ensuring they perform, know how and when to take action if you experience problems. The course will also provide you with an update on the latest employment legislation and help you to avoid some of the pitfalls. The day is very interactive and encourag...

Resilience Course (One Day In-house)

Being resilient is a critical skill in today's world of rapid and continuous change.  Proactive stress management can lead to improved employee engagement and productivity; reduced absence and turnover as well as a more innovative and energised working environment.

Effective Staff Inductions Training Course (One Day In-house)

This course will take you through the important steps in managing an effective induction programme for a new member of staff from appointment to their first year of employment with your business.

Stress Awareness for Managers Training Course (One Day In-house)

Our Stress Awareness for Managers can help managers and supervisors to recognise the common causes of stress.  It also informs them of the positive actions they can take to better manage stress, by using a risk assessment approach.  The training uses a best practice approach and the latest guidance concerning management competencies an...

Navigating through Change Training Course (One Day In-house)

Navigating people through change is a critical skill in today's world of rapid and continuous change. Successful change management minimises the risk of ‘lack of buy-in' and apathy - incurring failure costs and impacting on the organisation's ability to deliver its goals.

Sickness Absence/Attendance Management Training Course (One Day In-house)

This course will help you to learn about support mechanisms which can help an employee return to work following a period of absence, as well of gaining an overview of the distinctions between sickness and disability, and how these should be applied in the workplace.  

Managing Bullying and Harassment Training Course (One Day In-house)

This course is aimed to give anyone responsible for managing staff with the skills and knowledge to be able to manage Bullying and Harassment in the Work place. With the costs of Bullying and Harassment now running into millions of pounds every year in the UK it is even more critical to know when and how to take action to avoid any breaches of y...

Ripley Training aim to challenge your thinking about your leadership capabilities and provide Leadership and Management Courses and Programmes that will enable you to feel and act more confidently in leading and managing members of your team.

Our Leadership and Management Courses and Programmes will encourage you to review your current skills and knowledge with the aim of becoming a more effective leader.

We will aim to provide you with a range of skills in communicating at all levels, appreciating the importance of organisational awareness, developing and agreeing objectives for yourself and those you manage, to be able to motivate and get the most out of your team, being aware of individual strengths and weakness including your own, being confident in performance management and being able to lead from the front.

We also have a number of our trainers who are Chartered CIPD qualified and experienced HR / Personnel Managers who can provide guidance in dealing with people management issues, policies and procedures in your business.

Please browse our Leadership and Management Courses and Programmes by selecting a subject above. All of our Courses and Programmes are tailored to your requirements through pre-course questionnaires and most training days are small groups of three to six people to ensure you gain maximum impact from the time and money invested.

The price of ill-health in the workplace 15th November, 2016

According to CIPD research the median cost of absence per employee in 2015 was 554 UK pounds. This was lower in the private sector at 400 UK pounds then in the public sector at 789 UK pounds and the non-profit sector at 639 UK pounds sectors. The most common causes of long term absence include: [...]The post The price of ill-health in the workplace appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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As a Supervisor/Manager are you afraid to give feedback? 15th November, 2016

Are you afraid of giving feedback to under performing team members because you are concerned with how they will react? You are not alone! Many managers who attend our Leadership and Management Skills Courses have booked places to help them address these fears and become more confident in handling specific individuals in their teams. Best [...]The post As a Supervisor/Manager are you afraid to give feedback? appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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Employees suffering in silence with mental health issues 15th November, 2016

Two-thirds (62%) of the 20,000 people surveyed by Business in the Community (BITC) said they had experienced mental ill-health caused by work. Nearly a quarter (24%) of UK workers have experienced symptoms of work-related mental ill-health in the past month. There is more pressure to deliver more with less resources, testing the most effective team [...]The post Employees suffering in silence with mental health issues appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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