Leadership and Management Development Programme - Three Days

Overview of our Leadership and Management Development Programme

This comprehensive three day programme encourages participants to adopt a more pro-active mindset, with a clearer appreciation of the role of a manager and leader and its impact on their organisation. They will undertake a positive, honest assessment of their performance as a manager and a leader. Over the three days they will develop their skills for organising work to achieve goals and make full use of the abilities and potential of all team members.

As a result of the programme, they will be better able to show initiative, take responsibility and ownership for their actions and those of their team to achieve better results.

The start dates of our programme are shown on the right against locations and these also include virtual dates.  We can also split the days e.g. one day every two weeks or one day per month - please make an enquiry expressing your preference including start week and preferred day of the week.

The training is delivered by a Chartered Member of the CIPD with extensive experience in leading teams and advising on performance management issues.

Timings: 9 am to 4.30 pm on each day. The final day will finish earlier for smaller groups of delegates.  London timings may be adjusted to 9.30 am to 5 pm.

Our small group training courses allow for plenty time for detailed discussions.

We also offer the option of virtual training/coaching.

Booking confirmations: We will email you to confirm receipt of your booking within five working days. A confirmation invoice will be issued to either request payment by either BACS or confirmation of payment if you have made a card payment already through our World Pay Account.  This will be issued within five working days. Also detailed joining instructions are normally released by email at least seven working days prior to the date of the course.

We look forward to receiving your booking and welcoming you onto the course.

Objectives for our Leadership and Management Development Programme

Day One – Managing the Work

The initial focus will be on the role of a manager or leader in an organisation, exploring the roles, the characteristics and skills required. We will examine the behaviours required to achieve goals through their team members and assess their preferences for managing people. We will consider the impact of situations on management style and how to improve awareness and flexibility.

Day Two – Managing Individuals

Leaders take responsibility for the performance and development of their team members. We will look at the theory of managing performance, motivating and developing individuals to take more responsibility themselves. Considering how effectively we communicate, including our listening skills, ability to deliver constructive feedback, and to respond appropriately one to one and in group situations.

Day Three – Managing Teams

Effective team working does not happen by chance. We will explore team dynamics, the importance of team processes, and how to actively promote these. We will delve into the natural stages of team development and how our style should adapt to facilitate the process.


Some of the topic areas covered during the programme:

  • The role of a manager and leader in achieving organisational objectives
  • The seven active behaviours of an effective manager
  • Establishing and scheduling key priorities
  • Developing situational awareness
  • Management style – preferences and learning to adapt
  • The art and science of effective delegation
  • Understanding what motivates different people and how to harness it
  • Managing performance through constructive feedback and coaching
  • Objective setting
  • Communication skills – understanding the keys and overcoming barriers
  • Active listening
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Team dynamics and processes
  • Stages of team development
Who should attend our Leadership and Management Development Programme?
The programme is designed for team leaders, managers and directors who are looking to take the performance of themselves and their team to a higher level. Managers who have some experience, but still ask if they are doing all they can to be the best, who recognise they can do better in some aspects of understanding and fulfilling their role.
Testimonials for our Leadership and Management Development Programme

Enjoyed the programme and met some great people in the process

Training was excellent. Covered a wide variety of subjects and was good to implement them to our business. Very friendly, approachable and willing to discuss anything.

Loved the variety of training methods - conversations, presentations, role play, etc. Great food too! Thank you.

Very thorough, very well conducted and detailed where required

Brilliant programme, should be rolled out throughout the company

All the training programme was beneficial

Really enjoyed it, as well as getting other peoples opinions, it has given me a focus for moving forward - Thank you!

I'm looking forward to returning to the office with the fresh ideas and developing a stronger team

Thank you for showing a better way to get organised and push back problem solving to the supervisors

Understanding trainer and allowed the delegates to learn from one another

Really benefited from the talking about my problems, challenges and experiences as well as learning from others experiences and how they resolved them

Onsite or Virtual Training and Coaching
Preferential rates for your group onsite and virtually!
Virtual Training

£1500.00 + VAT
per delegate (Three days)

Locations & Dates

£1695.00 + VAT
per delegate (Three days)

INCLUDES: Expert trainer, training materials, certificate, lunch and refreshments