Team Leader Development Programme (3 Day In-Company)

This comprehensive 3 day programme is aimed at new and existing team leaders. The in-house training days can be delivered in one week or over three months.

Those attending will be encouraged to develop a more pro-active mindset, with a clearer appreciation of the role of team leader and its impact on their organisation. They will undertake a positive, honest assessment of their performance as a team leader. Over the three days they will develop their skills for organising work to achieve goals and make full use of the abilities and potential of all their team members.

As a result of the programme, they will be better able to show initiative, take responsibility and ownership for their actions and those of their team to achieve better results.

Proposed timings are 9 am to 4.30 pm on each day.

Day One – Managing the Work

  • Complexity of the role
  • Differentiate between Busyness and Business
  • Time management – Urgent & Important/Important not Urgent/Urgent not important/Not Important not Urgent
  • Key Interdependencies
  • John Adair Task, Team, Individual self assessment questionnaire
  • Managing up, down and across
  • Organisational awareness/Organisational reputation
  • Ethical problem solving and decision making
  • Able to support the management of change within the organisation


    Day Two – Managing Individuals

  • Establishing and improving yourself as the leader – Pro-Active Seeker v Passive Recipient
  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Personal development review/ appraisal
  • Effective feedback styles
  • Appropriate action when concerns arise about performance or behaviour
  • Models for diffusing conflict and resolution of confrontation: CUDSA,
  • Developing assertive behaviour, TA
  • Monkey Management


    Day Three – Managing Teams

  • Understand how to lead multiple teams, remote teams and mange team/project leaders
  • Enabling and supporting high performance working
  • Communicating organisational vision and goals and how they apply to teams
  • Managing diverse teams: The Equality Act 2010 and the 9 ‘Protected Characteristics’
  • Managing meetings effectively – terms of reference/attendees/accountability for actions
  • Motivation and performance improvement through supporting people and using coaching and mentoring approaches
  • Innovation and improvement
  • Importance of low level informal engagement
  • Staff welfare and wellbeing
  • Action planning and reflection


    Email us at or call us on 01423 861122 to check your preferred dates for this training.

  • The programme is designed for team leaders who are looking to take the performance of themselves and their team to a higher level.

    Enjoyed the programme and met some great people in the process

    Very thorough, very well conducted and detailed where required

    Brilliant programme, should be rolled out throughout the company

    All the training programme was beneficial

    Really enjoyed it, as well as getting other peoples opinions, it has given me a focus for moving forward – Thank you!

    I’m looking forward to returning to the office with the fresh ideas and developing a stronger team

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    Three days in-company

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    INCLUDES: In-company training for up to 8 people at your business