Cash is the lifeblood of any business

As the economic strains and stresses of the past 18 months show little sign of abating never has there been more need to understand the finances of your business. Maintaining a healthy cashflow is paramount to surviving in these turbulent times. Do you have all the bases covered?

With margins being squeezed ever tighter what improvements can you make to the profitability of your business? Is there something you can do to put a few extra percentage points onto your bottom line?

Our Finance for Non Finance Managers Course is a practical and interactive course designed to help business owners who have little knowledge of financial management. The course aims to inform and educate delegates how to get to grips with the basics and then encourages them to apply it to their own business. The course is run by an experienced financial director who has worked for manufacturing retail and service sector companies and who currently works for a number of SME companies on a consultancy basis.   Click on the link for more information

In addition we are also offering places on their Effective Credit Control Skills to help you get money in quicker – click on the link for more information