Financial Budgeting – It`s that time of year again!

For many of us, the budgeting and planning season is upon us. What does this mean for you – late nights and worry, ploughing through masses of paperwork and information to have a chance of compiling the budget or an exciting, slick and efficient process that you look forward to every year?

Budgets are a very powerful tool that can really help drive an organisation’s performance. Used correctly, they can be an excellent motivating tool for your staff. Only when your staff are engaged and fully aligned to the goals of the organisation can magic happen!

In what ways would a powerful one-day training course transform your current financial budgeting skills?

Our popular Brilliant Budgeting and Financial Forecasting course packs a great deal into a practical, engaging and interactive day with tools and techniques that you can implement immediately back in your workplace. We examine what budgeting actually is, the pros and cons, the different types of budget that exist and alternative approaches to the budgeting process.

We work through how to compile the budget in simple, manageable steps – once you’ve got started, there will be no stopping you! We then continue with that often tricky subject of communicating the budget, be that to internal and/or external audiences.

It’s unlikely the financial budget will be achieved if it’s – shh! – kept a secret! And, crucially, we look at how to monitor performance against budget, including warning signs to look out for and what sort of corrective action to take to ensure we keep the organisation firmly on track to achieve its ambitious growth goals. Throughout we look at every opportunity for budgets to be used as a motivating tool for your staff. And we also examine how budgets and forecasts differ.

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Of course, we can also come to you and train your management team in these vital business skills.

We look forward to welcoming you on this course very soon!