Powerful Questions to ask Visitors on your Exhibition Stand

It is very important that you engage visitors on your exhibition stand promptly with questions that might start with:

• Who
• What
• Where
• When
• Why
• And How

These open questions will not only show interest in the person but also help you to qualify the visitor as a lead or not. These open questions will also help you understand more about their business and their level of responsibility for making a decision to purchase the service/product you are offering.

The initial open questions will help you to focus on the most important areas of interest to the visitor and therefore help you to be more specific about what is being offered to help them/their business. When asking open questions you should be able to get a feel for any issues/problems they are experiencing. This will then allow you to sell the benefits of your product/service to the visitor and potentially generate an order/agreement to contact them after the exhibition to discuss the solution in more detail before they make a commitment to buy.

Part of the process is educating the visitor to your product/service as well as developing the need to the visitor to what you are offering.

In asking questions it is important to get to know the person so you start the first steps in developing the relationship – after all People buy People.

When you are responding to their questions allow thinking time and keep your reasoning for the solution transparent otherwise you will find the visitor losing interest.