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We always welcome the opportunity to work more closely with our clients and in-house training is one of those times where we can show you another level of skill and expertise in helping you to achieve individual, team and business objectives. 

The training will be developed in partnership with you ensuring your expectations are exceeded with the option of additional follow up training and coaching sessions to ensure the learning has been fully applied into your business.

Why choose In-house Training with Ripley Training?

Because the sessions are more focused it means:

  1. You will save time and we will provide you with a cost effective solution that meets your needs.
  2. We will always select the most skilled and experienced trainer from our team to help you.
  3. We will include real life examples and stories to help you to apply the learning.
  4. We aim to make all of our courses practical based ensuring you can apply what you have learnt can be easily applied back into your business.
  5. We will make the training both interactive and engaging throughout.
  6. The in-house training option provides you with flexibility to avoid peak times of activity in the business.
  7. You can select from a wide selection of courses to meet your needs.
  8. Where possible we prefer to meet you and the team before the course and/or issue pre-course questionnaires to ensure the training is perfectly tailored to your people.

Our in-house solutions include one to one/two coaching, small groups of three to twelve and facilitating large team development events. Our experience spans working with the largest employer in the UK to one man businesses, from Public to the Private Sector and our clients are located across the United Kingdom.

Choose the option that suits you:

Option 1 – Choose from our Training Programme

Select a course from our training programme and we will deliver this course at your place or at a place of your choice (venue costs would not be included in the price – however we can try to negotiate a special rate for you).

Option 2 – Tailored Training Course

Same as Option 1 but we will spend more time with you to tailor the course to your specific requirements ideally half a day to assess individual needs and what you need to support the delivery of your business objectives.

Option 3 – Bespoke Training unique to you

Same as Option 2 however we see this training as something unique to you and we would need to write something specific to you and your business to ensure we reach your expectations.

Option 4 – One on One / Two Coaching

If you are not keen on group training courses and prefer the attention of one on one coaching then we can provide a tailored training session in many of the training courses in our programme. We can combine training courses if you require a unique training session to fit your needs. You will have access to all the relevant training materials and we would aim to spend more time focusing on the areas important to you and your business.

Interesting in our 1 2 1 Coaching?

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Interested in our in house training?
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