Disability Awareness Skills Training Course (1/2 Day In-company)

When we consider there are over 12 million people in the UK who have a disability (1/5 of our population) and these households have a considerable spending power of £212 billion then it does raise the question about accessibility and experiences of these customers to your business.

The focused 1/2 day training sessions are intended to raise awareness and encourage proactive action as well as attentive service for your customers with different forms of disability.

This course is offered as an in-company/virtual course that is tailored to your needs.

Our small group training courses allow for plenty of time for specific discussions.

We also offer the option of virtual training/coaching.

The three-hour in-house training session looks at:

  • Understanding what is disability?
  • Appreciating the different types of disability
  • Have a knowledge of the disability legislation protecting your customers and your colleagues from discrimination
  • Practical advice on how to meet the needs of disabled people now and in the future whether they are customers or colleagues
  • Being aware how you can improve access to facilities and improve the experience of your customers
Ideal for staff and managers to help raise awareness and understanding of customers with different forms of disability and how they take action to improve the customer experience.

In-House, Virtual Training and Coaching

Preferential rates!

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Preferential rate for small group training

From £750.00 + VAT

INCLUDES: Expert trainer, training materials, certificates for up to 6 people – half day course tailored to your organisation