Effective Time and Prioritisation Management Skills Training Course (1 Day)

Overview of our Effective Time and Prioritisation Management Skills Training Course

Our effective time and prioritisation management skills course looks at current working practices and explores techniques for gaining greater control over time with a more structured and planned approach to managing interruptions, priorities, processes and people.

By the end of our time and prioritisation management Course you will be able to understand how you use your own time, consider the use of MS Office/G Suite to manage tasks, manage e-mails more effectively, prioritise key areas of activity, avoid procrastination and make better decisions, delegate and plan more efficiently and know how to say `no' professionally without feeling guilty.

Our small group training courses allow for plenty of opportunity to discuss your challenges.

Timings are normally: 9 am to 4.30 pm.  London timings may vary to 9.30 am to 5 pm.

We also offer the option of virtual training/coaching.

Booking confirmations: We will email you to confirm receipt of your booking within five working days. A confirmation invoice will be issued to either request payment by either BACS or confirmation of payment if you have made a card payment already through our Stripe Account.  This will be issued within five working days. Also detailed joining instructions are normally released by email at least seven working days prior to the date of the course.

We look forward to receiving your booking and welcoming you onto the course.

We can also deliver onsite and virtual courses for small or larger groups - email us at info@ripleytraining.co.uk to find out more about our preferential rate.  You can also  call us on 01423 861122 or make an enquiry through our website.

Objectives for our Effective Time and Prioritisation Management Skills Training Course
  • Looking at why time management is important to performance.
  • Evaluating how time is used currently.
  • Managing meetings for effective results
  • Planning and setting priorities to meet deadlines
  • Setting yourself objectives
  • The six steps to taking decisive action
  • The importance/urgency matrix
  • Common causes of wasted time
  • Handling interruptions and controlling requests
  • Delegation for an improved performance
  • Identifying areas of concern and solutions
  • Tips on using outlook/gmail to manage e-mails and tasks
  • Crisis/issue management
  • Understanding yourself and others in being more effective in your time and workload management

All our courses are tailored through individual pre-course questionnaires issued at the time of booking.

Who should attend?
Individuals and teams who want to be more effective with their time management and to take back control of one of the most pressure commodities in your life - TIME.
Testimonials for our Effective Time and Prioritisation Management Skills Training Course

I thought the training was incredibly informative, well-paced and was consistently engaging throughout.

Great training with many practical tips I can apply on a daily basis. Trainer provided wonderful training with useful examples that explained the concepts. Thank you for the extra reading and reading suggestions.

The course was incredibly beneficial for illuminating key techniques for organisation and prioritisation of tasks, which will further enable better management and time to produce good quality work. The course was immensely informative and was a genuine realisation that there is more available to help handle professional stress and the importance of management to prevent causing myself or people within my team stress.

The trainer has a really good approach to the training delivered, would recommend this course being delivered onsite for middle level managers, feel alot could be gained.

I thought the content was thorough and well-structured, It had an engaging format and was delivered at the right pace. I felt you had a personable, but professional approach to the content and are clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter.

Great course, the trainer didn't talk from their slides and provided lots of information and examples.  Great to be able to discuss things through as a group.

Thank you for providing a very valuable training and making us feel comfortable during the course.  Good for humour too!

Thank you very much for the training - it has been extremely encouraging and worthwhile

A very informative and engaging course that covered alot of issues

I found Mike to be an extremely effective trainer and motivator. He had a wealth of appropriate experience that he used to provide advice as well as focussing on my particular and specific situation and how I can become more effective. I would recommend Ripley Training Ltd to others who are seeking time management skills - Excellent!

A very good course especially with a small group rather than a larger group

I really enjoyed the course and I will be recommending the course to people I know!

I feel much more clearer headed and I will be much better organised as a result of attending the course

I would recommend this course - learnt a variety of tools that will aid my time management on a day to day basis

Very professional competent trainer

Really enjoyable day with excellent delivery

Useful group activities and lots of interesting detail to take back to the workplace

Very interesting - kept my interest throughout the day

The course was well structured, well presented and hit it's objectives - I am confident that my team will benefit from the course when they return back to work

Trainer was great, listened to call our needs and jobs. Also understood what we all wanted to get out of the course

The training met and exceeded my expectations - well delivered training course

It was good - covered all aspects of our group objectives which meant we didn't talk about things that were not relevant to us

A real eye opener as many of the things were refreshers but were impacting badly on efficiency by not remembering them

The course has given me a structure to work towards and will need enable me to be more focused

Onsite or Virtual Training and Coaching
Preferential rates for your group onsite and virtually!
Virtual Training

£495.00 + VAT
per delegate

Locations & Dates

£575.00 + VAT
per delegate

INCLUDES: Expert trainer, training materials, certificate, lunch and refreshments