Professional Development Training Programme (6 Day In-Company Programme)

This comprehensive six-day programme supports organisations with a reputation of growing and increasing their customer base.  One of the key components for maintaining and extending successes is to develop your teams to support the deliver of the business strategy.

Our Programme has been an outstanding success with our clients by introducing broader professional and business skills to their team members.  The training days included a mix of interactive workshops, paper exercises, team building events and presentations.

Your Programme will be developed in partnership with your business and is delivered over the six months based on individual and business needs.  The training will provide your team with a number of key professional and business skills to enable them to grow and succeed in their existing roles and beyond. The programme includes a number of interactive practical and group exercises to help those attending to apply the learning and provide an excellent opportunity to build stronger team working skills.

Timings: 9 am to 4.30 pm on each day.

We look forward to working in partnership with you!

The training days involved all the team and covered:

Day 1 – Communicating with Confidence 

This day includes the importance of self-worth and how that is communicated, the benefits of taking control of their attitude and directing it, how to create a good first impression and behave in a more confident manner, how to communicate in the right way in all situations, knowing when assertiveness is appropriate and be able to apply it effectively and how to apply a positive approach and image when working with others.

Day 2 – Effective Time and Prioritisation Management Skills

The day looks at current working practices and explores techniques for gaining greater control over time with a more structured and planned approach to managing interruptions, priorities, processes and people.

Day 3 – Effective Presentation Skills

This practical day will be led by an experienced and skilled presenter with many years of experience in delivering to small and large audiences. The course is highly interactive with the aim of helping you to become more confident and skilled in presenting whilst being more aware of the needs of your audience.

Day 4 – Effective Team Working and Leadership Skills

This highly interactive day has been developed to help team members to enhance their team working skills at a level that will readily transfer to workplace behaviour and immediately impact upon personal effectiveness and productivity in the service.

Day 5 – Effective Project Management Skills (including an introduction to Agile)

This day enables attendees understand the role of project management, defining the Project, Setting Objectives, Scoping & Identifying Constraints. You will also learn how to plan a project including risk assessments and contingency planning, estimating time and costs, controlling and tracking the progress of projects.

Day 6 – Effective Negotiation Skills

This day enables attendees to gain more confidence in negotiating more effectively and get better results for your organisation.  It also provides a detailed toolkit to enable you to be more prepared before, during and after the process.

Embedded within the 6 days training is the opportunity to review progress and discuss their personal development plans.

Over six months, you will see continuous results of the programme in the workplace and on customer engagements.

We’re also able to adapt and include additional areas of focus during the six month programme to reflect changing individual, team and business needs.

The programme is designed for aspiring team leaders/managers/directors as well as graduates who are looking to take the performance of themselves and their team to a higher level.

The team found the training programme thoroughly entertaining

Great programme over the six days. Learnt a lot from the training days, Thanks

Thanks again Mike. Such a great six days programme.

I really enjoyed the weeks of training, Thank you for your time and effort. The games were an amazing idea.

In-House Training and Coaching

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Preferential In-company day rate:

From £1500.00 + VAT

INCLUDES: Tailored in-company training for up to 6 people at your business over six days (normally spread over six months). This is our preferential day rate when booking the six day programme.