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OK, I appreciate that financial management and control do not sound the sexiest subjects in the universe, but bear with me. Do they sounds a bit more enticing if I say they can help your business become stronger and healthier? And what if I add that robust financial controls and management in your company will increase the confidence of investors and lenders to provide you with more funding?

And I can assure you that, once you’ve set up the right, and actually quite simple, structures and processes, they will be so easy to manage going forwards.

Even start-up businesses can benefit from a number of simple financial controls, such as basic bank reconciliations (big word, much easier to do than it sounds!). When they’re regularly kept on top of, they take minutes not agonising hours of wondering where that receipt went or what that large transaction on your bank statement that has made you go unexpectedly overdrawn is for.

There are many forms of financial and business controls you can implement in your organisation, from budgets and forecasts to spending authorisations to procedure manuals to business continuity plans. All contribute to improving the health and performance of your business, safeguarding your assets, significantly reducing the potential for fraud or theft, maximising your cash-flow thereby saving you money by reducing your interest charges and ultimately providing you with a stronger, healthier and better-run company.

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Author: Mike Smith

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