Sales & Marketing In Focus: Why You Need to Invest in CPD

No matter how established your people are in their careers, there should always be room for continuing professional development (CPD) to encourage personal and career progression – and help take your business to the next level.

Continuing professional development (CPD) basically means ‘updating and improving your knowledge and skills throughout your working life’. It might seem simple – but it’s essential to the ongoing effectiveness of your team.

So how can you make it work for you?

As part of your regular appraisal process, make sure you review your team’s skills – think about where your business is, where it needs to be, and what skills/resources will you need to get there? Training can be a great way to boost the personal and professional development of your sales and marketing team.

Start with your business goals

By analysing your business objectives, you can find the right kind of CPD for your team. CPD can come in many varieties: from in-house and external training courses, to mentoring staff, ‘on-the-job’ learning, and attending conferences and seminars – everything counts, and it’s amazing how much you and your team might already be doing, but just aren’t making a record of it!

Using Training Courses for CPD

One of the best ways to contribute towards CPD is by sending your employees on open courses, run by experienced training professionals, to help tackle specific subjects. Open courses save you the time and hassle of finding an expert to come in-house – they usually run all year round in various locations, so you can choose a suitable course at any time, giving you flexibility. Not only that, but the course are often short, so your employees needn’t be out of the office for too long.

At Ripley Training, we run a variety of professional training courses, including:

All of our courses have been designed by successful business owners and experienced Sales and Marketing trainers, with the aim of helping you to become more successful in achieving more sales over a sustained period.

Benefits of Training to your business:

  • Increased skills and competency = better performance
  • Get the best from your team – engage and motivate your employees
  • Apply marketing theory to solve real-life business issues
  • Investing in ‘up skilling’ your team is more efficient and cost effective than recruiting new staff

Benefits of Training to your sales and marketing employees:

  • Remain professional, effective and compliant by ensuring you stay up to date in the fast-moving world of marketing and sales
  • Receive recognition for your achievements, helping to increase confidence and giving you additional credibility as a sales and marketing professional
  • Raise your awareness and improve your skills in the key communication behaviours that will help you to deliver key sales messages and customer benefits

Get started!

Be sure to choose an appropriate training course, led by a recognised professional training organisation, such as Ripley Training, who can guide you and help you achieve your business goals. This way – you can make continuing professional development work for your business, upskill your team, and ensure CPD is part of your ongoing HR programme to attract and retain loyal employees.

Browse our courses to find a Sales & Marketing training course for your team,

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the next level with expert training and support.

By Mike Smith