Stop important tasks falling through the cracks

Whether you are a sole trader or manage a team of dozens, you need to ensure that the work that needs doing gets done – correctly and on time.

So how do you prevent the important (and even the not-so-important) tasks falling through the cracks?

Mike Smith from Ripley Training recommends:

1) Delegate to your team

Share the load with your team and stretch your team members with new challenges – motivate your team members to new heights. It can actually be that simple if you are willing to let go and show trust in your team.

2) Recognise the tasks you `like’ doing that do not maximise your skills

Recognise the `like’ jobs you have not delegated so they passed across to your team members.

3) Consider who is the best person to take on the role – skilled in this area or someone your wish to challenge/develop

Before you start recruit, ensure you outline the essential and desirable attributes of the ideal person.

4) Ensure you plan to delegate the work by a specific date

These are a few simple steps to ensure you’re in touch with your team:

1. Define with the outcome in mind
2. Set clear deadline(s) for everything you delegate
3. Ensure the team member has understood the task by asking them to summarise back to you
4. Agree regular touch points with the person to ensure the work is progressing
5. Utilising technology, use either an online project management tool or a spreadsheet that can be updated by the person and viewed by yourself to get updates on progress

5) Records everything you have agreed

Many managers hold too information in their heads. It is very important to have a system to note what you have agreed with your team members including dates for completion. This information should be used in the touch points and/or one to one meetings to review progress.

By applying these tips you will ensure team members have clear expectations when it comes to addressing important/urgent work in the business. Although that doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any problems, it does mean that you’ll spot them sooner and have more time to deal with them.

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