Who Killed The Sales Opportunity?

Business today is complex and competitive; and there are many conflicting internal and external environmental factors which play a part in whether a customer chooses to purchase from you.

When those ‘sales opportunities’ are there, you don’t want to lose out on a sale due to a poor customer service experience! In today’s commercial environment, it isn’t just the sole responsibility of the sales team to win and retain customers. You need to be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

By every touch point we mean everything and everyone in your organisation! From the first phone call they make, through to the emails and other communications they receive, their first visit and how they are welcomed in reception – everybody is either directly or indirectly part of the sales process. It’s therefore essential that every employee is aware of the importance of the customer and the effect that they can have in both helping increase sales or how they can contribute to losing it through their behaviour an actions.

“Internal customer communication and improved team work are vital ingredients in ensuring that you look after your most valuable assets – your customers!”

– Mike, Ripley Training

To address this increasingly important issue, we’ve launched an exciting new training course:

“Who Killed the Sales Opportunity?”

At Ripley Training, we can help you take your internal and external  customer communications  to the next level with expert training and support, to ensure those sales opportunities are never missed and every opportunity is maximised to its full potential by everyone in your business.

Our Who Killed the Sales Opportunity course is a highly participative one day workshop is aimed at everyone in your organisation. It will demonstrate the value of the customer supply chain and how everybody contributes to this process. We have courses running in Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, and London Euston, at various dates to suit you over the next six months.

A Marriage Between Sales and Service

Developing sales opportunities goes hand-in-hand with developing your teams’ personal skills, to ensure their sales and customer awareness is maximised. If you want to ensure that your customers receive the levels of service and care they deserve, we have a number of scheduled dates and locations for our ‘Excellent Customer Service’ training course, to develop your people’s skills in customer care.

We can also help you increase customer satisfaction through our in-house ‘Customer Service Skills training course, which is designed for those who deal directly with customers, or manage the customer service process in your business. This course will help you increase customer satisfaction, by drawing on your inherent people skills and using insights from the world of psychology, we  can provide your people with the practical tools to deliver excellent customer service – every time.

Can we help you?

If you’d like us to design a bespoke course for your Sales and Marketing team why not give us a call on 01423-861-122 or fill in our short contact form – we’d love to help you!

by Mike Smith