10 Tips on Receiving Feedback

1. Welcome feedback from others
2. Apply Active Listening Skills when receiving feedback
3. Do ask open questions to understand more about what has happened and the implications for you and others
4. Respect and acknowledge the other persons opinion – this doesn’t mean agreeing with them
5. Consider the value of what has been said and consider carefully how to respond – avoid any instant reactions
6. Check back your understanding not leaving out the content you don’t like to hear or you haven’t taken seriously
7. Gain clarification of any areas you don’t understand by asking more questions and checking back your understanding
8. Encourage suggestions on how to move forward and ask questions like – What if I did this work this way?
9. Say Thank you for the suggestion / feedback and consider carefully what has been said and take the most appropriate action
10. Review and check back with the other person at a later date to see if your actions have improved the situation or whether you need to make more changes to remedy the situation