Top 20 Tips to Market more effectively and increase Sales

1. Have a Plan!
2. Speak / meet with your existing clients on a periodical basis to see if you can offer help and making them aware of your wider products / services.
3. Ask for referrals and testimonials from your existing clients – follow up referrals and ensure your testimonals are used to promote your business.
4. Pro-actively market to your target clients rather than wait for them to come to you and using a scatter gun approach to marketing.
5. Set yourself goals for Sales and Lead Generation (keeping them SMART)
6. Ensure you Marketing is measured for Return on Investment on a monthly basis and re-align where required.
7. Build your network of business contacts to enable you to gain new business from businesses who supply to the same target client e.g. Printers working with Website Designers and do the same for your business contacts.
8. Spread goods news through your website, newsletters, social media, PR/Media and other forms communication – good news sells!
9. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your website on a monthly basis and use experts to help you drive traffic to your website.
10. Keep an eye on your competition and consider if there are opporuntities to work together.
11. Actively listen to your clients to ensuring your offerings are re-aligned to meet their needs and expectations.
12. Do profile your clients and undertake Market Research for new products and services to increase your chances of success.
13. Do try other forms of marketing where appropriate – get the promotional mix right for your business otherwise you will find the same approach gets you the same results.
14. Be aware of your limitations i.e. budget, time and manpower.
15. Consider free events and product launches to help generate new leads and encourage strong customer loyality.
16. Identify your Unique Selling Point(s) to help you convince new clients to buy from you.
17. Maintain strong and clear branding on your website and stationery.
18. Ensure you and your people are trained to work at their optimum performance.
19. Improve your customer service experience to ensure you retain your clients rather than drive them away.
20. Lead and motivate your team to add momentum to achieve Sales Targets throughout the year.

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