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Internal Customer Service Skills for Service Delivery Teams

This course will help your staff to be more aware of the customer experience and how to manage the needs and expectations of their customers - internaly and externally. In addition the training will look at examples of good and poor customer experiences and how these impact on the success of the team and the organisation.  The day will ...

Effective Presentation Skills Course (One Day)

This practical one day course is led by an experienced and skilled presenter/trainer with many years of experience in delivering to small and large audiences. The course is highly interactive with the aim of helping you to become more confident and skilled in presenting whilst being more aware of the needs of your audience. Timings are ...

Sales Development Programme (Three Days)

This comprehensive and highly participative 3 day programme is suitable for sales people who are new to the role as well as those who have never benefited from any formal sales training, or those who are need of a motivational refresher. The programme begins by providing the delegates with a better understanding of what is required in the mo...

Appointment Making Skills Course (One Day)

In order for a Company to prosper and grow it is essential that we are constantly striving to expand the customer base by gaining new business and this generally involves making appointments. Telephone appointment making is an essential part of the salesperson's job and is something that the salesperson often puts off or dislikes doing. ...

Exhibition and Trade Show Skills Training Course (One Day)

Exhibition and trade show stands can be a very effective marketing tool to attract new and existing clients. Research shows that 88% of exhibition visitors are personally involved in buying your products or services at the show. Add to that the fact that 91% of decision makers find exhibitions an ‘extremely useful source of purchasing info...

The Principles of Effective Selling Course (One Day)

This training combines both telephone and face to face selling to new and existing customers. Timings: 9 am to 5 pm  Booking confirmations: We will email you to confirm receipt of your booking within five working days. A confirmation invoice will be issued to either request payment by either BACS/cheque or confir...

Negotiation Skills Course (One Day In-house)

This practical one day workshop will provide individuals with a range of skills and behaviours to adopt when negotiating a successful outcome with others both within and outside of the organisation Timings are normally 9 am to 4.45 pm  

Practical Marketing Skills Course (One Day In-House)

This practical course looks at best practice, latest initiatives and real experiences to help those new and those looking to refesh their marketing skills and knowledge.  At the end of the training you will be able to make informed decisions about what actions you will be taking back in the business.  

Telephone Selling Skills Course (One Day In-house)

The telephone is often the means of placing orders or requesting a quote by customers. It's essential that frontline telephone staff who take these incoming calls make the most of these opportunities by creating a professional image as well as maximizing business potential. The programme will also show how to gain business by making outgoing...

Maximising Sales Opportunities Training Course (One Day In-house)

A practical one day workshop targeted at individuals who, whilst not directly responsible for making sales, can often influence the customer- supplier relationship.  This course is suitable for support staff that may speak to the customer by phone or meet them face to face. Accounts staff, estimators, drivers and service engineers are just ...

Who Killed the Sales Opportunity? (One Day In-house)

In today’s highly competitive commercial environment all companies need to make the best of every opportunity and we can’t afford to lose sales.  We all know that selling is the direct responsibility of the sales team. But whether you manage to hold on to your customers , secure more business or  make sure  that custom...

Excellent Business Networking Skills Course (One Day)

The Business Networking Course is interactive and is set within a safe environment  for you to practice and learn the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in order to generate more contacts and qualified leads. You will be provided with tips and real life examples of good and bad techniques used when Business Networking. In additi...

Key Account Development Course (One Day In-house)

Key Accounts are your most important clients and they are also the ones at most risk of attack from your competition. Therefore managing and developing key accounts is an essential skill if we want to stay ahead of the competition! Do you know who your key clients are? Do you know what the expectations are from your Key Accounts? Day...

PR and Media Skills Course (One Day In-house

Would you like generate more leads? Would you like journalists to endorse your company? Would you like free advertising? Would you like all this in less than 4 hours a month? Imagine what free publicity on TV, radio and in print could do for your business. How much easier would it be to generate more sales if you ...

Advanced Key Account Management Skills Course (Two Days In-house)

Key or strategic accounts are your most important clients. Not only are they your most important clients they are also the ones at most risk of attack from your competition. If they are important to you then they will certainly be attractive to your competitors. Therefore managing and developing key accounts is an essential skill if we want to s...

Customer Service Skills Course (One day In-house)

We all experience customer service, without even realising it. The only time you're likely to notice is when it exceeds your expectations, or it doesn't meet them! Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend you to others. Customer Service is clearly a major part of any businesses corporate strategy to retain and attract client...

Effective Complaint Handling Course (One Day In-house)

This course will use real examples related to your business in help you deal more effectively and consistently with complaints. The training will provide you with the key skills to effectively handle a customer complaint.

All of the courses available at Ripley Training have been carefully designed by successful business owners, experienced Sales and Marketing trainers with the aim of helping you to become more successful in achieving more sales over a sustained period.

We aim to give you confidence in a number of key areas from research to delivering effective Sales and Marketing Strategies and Plans.

Each business is unique and we will help you to:

  1. Decide on the most effective ways to succeed
  2. Review what areas that are hindering your success
  3. Provide you with the skills and tools needed
  4. Raise your awareness and improve your skills in the key communication behaviours that will help you to deliver key sales messages and customer benefits.

Please browse our Sales and Marketing training course solutions by selecting a subject above.

The price of ill-health in the workplace 15th November, 2016

According to CIPD research the median cost of absence per employee in 2015 was 554 UK pounds. This was lower in the private sector at 400 UK pounds then in the public sector at 789 UK pounds and the non-profit sector at 639 UK pounds sectors. The most common causes of long term absence include: [...]The post The price of ill-health in the workplace appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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As a Supervisor/Manager are you afraid to give feedback? 15th November, 2016

Are you afraid of giving feedback to under performing team members because you are concerned with how they will react? You are not alone! Many managers who attend our Leadership and Management Skills Courses have booked places to help them address these fears and become more confident in handling specific individuals in their teams. Best [...]The post As a Supervisor/Manager are you afraid to give feedback? appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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Employees suffering in silence with mental health issues 15th November, 2016

Two-thirds (62%) of the 20,000 people surveyed by Business in the Community (BITC) said they had experienced mental ill-health caused by work. Nearly a quarter (24%) of UK workers have experienced symptoms of work-related mental ill-health in the past month. There is more pressure to deliver more with less resources, testing the most effective team [...]The post Employees suffering in silence with mental health issues appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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