Why do Appraisals fail?

  1. No clear standards of performance and expectations are unclear
  2. Staff are set up to fail by agreeing to objectives that are not SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound – there are a number of variances on these)
  3. Heavy handed policing of objectives
  4. Bias, prejudice, stereo typing and / or fears of confrontation are evident in the Appraisal
  5. Use of negative language (inc Body Langauage) and the use of poor feedback
  6. The Appraiser uses the opportunity to address Performance issues not raised previously
  7. No ongoing record keeping to support preparation on both sides for the appraisal
  8. Appraisals are seen as a tick in the box exercise to complete the forms
  9. No link to the Business Plan and the key priorities of the Business
  10. Nothing is followed up after the Appraisal
  11. Seen as an annual process and no mini-reviews are done throughout the year

Can you think of more examples?If you would like to know more about Appraiser and Appraisee training then click on the website page link below for more information:http://www.ripleytraining.co.uk/training-courses/leadership-management/Performance-Appraisal-Objective-Setting-Skills.htm