Financial Health & Performance: Ratios & Profitability Analysis

We’d all love to know how financially healthy our companies are and which areas are performing best. Not only can you then use this information to help improve your business performance but others also use this information to assess whether to provide funding to you, among-st other things. Continue reading

Financial Management and Control

Financial Management and Control Blog

OK, I appreciate that financial management and control do not sound the sexiest subjects in the universe, but bear with me. Do they sounds a bit more enticing if I say they can help your business become stronger and healthier? And what if I add that robust financial controls and management in your company will increase the confidence of investors and lenders to provide you with more funding? Continue reading

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The finance report has just been delivered at your monthly management meeting – how are you and the rest of your management team feeling? Bamboozled? Squirming slightly uncomfortably? Not really understanding the terminology used and hoping no-one notices?

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