Handling Difficult Conversations at Work

Most people try to avoid the dreaded ‘difficult’ conversation; putting it off until it’s no longer a problem. But avoiding a conflict or issue does not make it go away. Whether the conversation is about poor performance, a personal issue, or redundancy – remember it will be difficult for both parties involved.

“Every challenge is made easier
with preparation and training” Continue reading

How to Create Inspiring Internal Communications

Internal communications as a function and discipline within organisations is moving further and further up the agenda for senior managers. Today’s execs know that internal communications are important, and understand that engaging their people is more crucial than ever – yet more difficult to achieve in the current economic climate. Continue reading

What Type of Leader Are You?

“Leadership is the art of getting someone,
to do what you want done, because they want to do it.”
- Dwight Eisenhower

Much scholarly research has gone into to categorising the main leadership ‘types’ – but do you know which one you are? We’ve broken down the main types of leader, based on Dan Goleman’s ‘emotional intelligence’ model, for you to see which one you identify with the most.

What do Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King all have in common? They were all great leaders. Whilst all extremely different in personality and leadership style they were all able to inspire people to take action. There are as many ways to lead, as there are leaders, but luckily for business people, there has been much development in the frameworks that describe the mains ways people lead and the different types of leader.

By understanding these frameworks, you can develop your own approach to leadership, and become a more effective leader as a result. According to Dan Goleman, there are six distinct emotional styles of leading a team: Continue reading