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Customer Service Skills Training Course

This course will help your staff increase customer satisfaction, by drawing on their inherent people skills.  We will use insights from the world of psychology, we provide people with the practical tools to deliver excellent customer service - every time. Timings are normally 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Booking confirmations: We w...

Communicating with Confidence and Personal Impact Course (One Day)

The course includes the importance of self worth and how that is communicated, the benefits of taking control of their attitude and directing it, how to create a good first impression and behave in a more confident manner, how to communicate and influence in the right way in all situations, knowing when assertiveness is appropriate and be able t...

Effective Team Working Skills Training Course

The effective team working skills training course is highly interactive. This course has been developed to help team members to enhance their team working skills at a level that will readily transfer to workplace behaviour and immediately impact upon personal effectiveness and productivity in the service.

Effective Time and Prioritisation Management Skills Training Course (One Day)

Our Time and Prioritisation Management Course looks at current working practices and explores techniques for gaining greater control over t ime with a more structured and planned approach to mana ging interruptions, priorities, processes and people. By the end of our Time and Prioritisation Management Course you will be able to understand ...

Assertiveness Skills Training Course (One Day)

This course will help you feel more confident in how your handle your colleagues, your manager and your customers.  You will feel more comfortable in how to influence people as well as addressing areas of concern inside and outside of your organisation.  At the end of the course you will have developed an action plan to help you apply ...

Handling Demanding People Course (One Day)

This course aims to increase the skills and knowledge of those individuals who deal with demanding people on email, telephone and face to face - ideal for those who wish to refresh their skills or those who are new to dealing with demanding people.  Demanding people can be your customers and those who you support in your business. Timin...

Train the Trainer Course (Two Days)

This two-day course will help you improve your skills, knowledge and experience in how you plan, design, deliver and evaluate training courses to meet the needs of your clients.  All these courses are tailored to those attending through pre-course questionnaires and we only work with smaller groups to ensure you gain the ...

Excellent Facilitation Skills Training Course (Two Days)

This two day course will help you to be more confident when facilitating group work and training sessions by ensuring you have the right atmosphere, right content and have use of effective facilitation skills to get the most from your audience. Timings: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on both days - Day 2 may finish earlier with smaller groups This t...

Team Lunch and Learn Training Sessions

The lunch and learn training sessions are delivered at your business over a buffet lunch (to be provided by yourselves) with suggested timings of 12 to 2 pm to minimise the impact on your business.  Many of our clients select monthly sessions over a period of 6-8 months.  We recommend numbers of upto 8 for the best learning experience ...

Commercial Awareness Skills (One day in-house)

Commercial Awareness is demonstrating an understanding of your business, appreciating the wider business environment in which your organisation operates as well as the importance of relationships with customers, key stakeholders, competitors, suppliers and fellow team members.

Influencing People through Effective Communication Training Course (One Day In House)

Do you need to be able to get people to see situations from different perspectives? Do you want to make a greater impact and improve your influence? Do you want to be able to negotiate more effectively? Your role requires you to influence others, but without recognising the techniques that you unconsciously use, it can be diffic...

Administrator Skills Course (One Day In-house)

This one-day course is design and delivered by those with direct experience and extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by administrators/administrative/secretarial roles.  The interactive course is tailored to those attending and will help you to refresh and enhance your levels of skill and expertise. Course timings are normally 9....

Disability Awareness Course (One day In-house)

When we consider there is over 12 million people in the UK who have a disability (1/5 of our population) and these households have a considerable spending power of £212 billion then it does raise the question about accessibility and experiences of these customers to your business.     The focused 1/2 day training sessions...

Diversity and Inclusion Training Course (One Day)

Ensuring your staff know their responsibilities towards diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace helps to embed a culture where staff are free from discrimination, bullying and harassment. The interactive workshop has plenty of group activities and relevant case studies/employment law examples to underpin the training.

Compassion and Empathy Skills Training Course (One Day)

There is compelling research to show that empathic concern and investing time up front to check the needs of those you are supporting or looking after in your role increases efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. In addition this investment in time can reduce stress, complaints and thoughts that your organisation doesn't care abou...

GP Practice/Reception Customer Care Skills Training Course (Three hours In-house)

Our GP reception customer care skills course ensures your patients only have good things to say about your team when it comes to your patient experience.

Medical Receptionist Skills Training Course (One Day In-house)

Medical Receptionists are part of the team in providing professional and patient/client centred customer care whether they are working in GP Practices, Dental Surgeries, Health Centres, Hospitals or Private Health Clinics. Their frontline skills are key in being able to make the best impressions&...

Our Team Member Courses have been developed by listening to our clients and continuously improving the choice to help you to improve your performance in the workplace. We place a great deal of importance on developing individual skills in communicating effectively whatever the environment.

We use tried and tested approaches that will help you to raise your levels of skill and competence at your place of work.

Please browse our Team Member training course solutions by selecting a subject above.

The price of ill-health in the workplace 15th November, 2016

According to CIPD research the median cost of absence per employee in 2015 was 554 UK pounds. This was lower in the private sector at 400 UK pounds then in the public sector at 789 UK pounds and the non-profit sector at 639 UK pounds sectors. The most common causes of long term absence include: [...]The post The price of ill-health in the workplace appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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As a Supervisor/Manager are you afraid to give feedback? 15th November, 2016

Are you afraid of giving feedback to under performing team members because you are concerned with how they will react? You are not alone! Many managers who attend our Leadership and Management Skills Courses have booked places to help them address these fears and become more confident in handling specific individuals in their teams. Best [...]The post As a Supervisor/Manager are you afraid to give feedback? appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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Employees suffering in silence with mental health issues 15th November, 2016

Two-thirds (62%) of the 20,000 people surveyed by Business in the Community (BITC) said they had experienced mental ill-health caused by work. Nearly a quarter (24%) of UK workers have experienced symptoms of work-related mental ill-health in the past month. There is more pressure to deliver more with less resources, testing the most effective team [...]The post Employees suffering in silence with mental health issues appeared first on Ripley Training Blog

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